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Episode 142: Creating Your Path

Cambridge’s CEO, Amy Webber with Guest Cody Phelps of Jordan Creek Financial Solutions

Cody Phelps began his journey in the financial services industry right out of college. He stumbled upon a world full of opportunities, quickly learning about investing and planning for the future. Cody started his career in a call center and is now Assistant Vice President of Jordan Creek Financial Solutions in West Des Moines, Iowa. 

As Cody explained in Episode 142 of my Cambridge Stronger podcast series, his career path has had its challenges. But learning how to overcome challenges has been an important part of his journey. 

“You have to be able to overcome and build off challenges and mistakes so you can build a growing independent practice,” he said. 

Cody and I addressed the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are passionate and eager to learn. Our industry can change rapidly and having the ability to adapt is critical. Cody explained how his team focuses on quickly adapting to new changes so they can continue to provide excellent service to clients. His team strives to learn something new every day. 

“The team we’ve built includes people who specialize but also want to learn something new tomorrow,” Cody said. “Our team has a passion for helping people, and is ready to tackle new challenges with a smile and a desire to help people make a difference.”

That is truly a great example of how surrounding yourself with a strong team can be so beneficial — you learn to appreciate the people around you. You also learn to appreciate the flexibility and benefits of being independent. Cody discussed how some of his success can be attributed to having flexible options available, offering guidance, and helping clients create a personalized path to financial independence. 

“We help clients define the path and understand we're going from A-to-Z, and walking through B-C-D and the rest of the alphabet,” Cody said. “We feel very passionate that it's all about creating your path and walking clients through it, rather than choosing someone else's path.” 

Cody shared a lot about his passion for helping others reach their goals. Whether it be helping people retire, work towards their financial goals, or run a small business, he feels most fulfilled when guiding clients in the direction that’s right for them. 

“Instead of creating a sales mindset, it's more about reminding yourself about why we got into this business,” Cody said. “It was to help people, and we’re more fulfilled when that happens.” 

As the financial services industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s always rewarding when new financial professionals join. I asked Cody what advice he’d give to anyone thinking about getting into the financial services industry. He explained that it’s about creating a legacy for not only yourself, but for your family, your team, and your clients. He also cautioned that it can take time to reach that point. 

“It’s not the sales environment we used to be in,” he said. “It is a place where we need trailblazers to help people become secure and financially literate. That’s very, very important.” 

Cody and I also spent time talking about his life outside of work, including his interests and hobbies. For Cody and his family, exploring Disney World and Disneyland is at the top of the list. He enjoys sports and playing pickleball. 

Cody provided such a great perspective during my podcast about our evolving industry. He shared insights that not only resonate with me today but, some that remind me of the earlier days in our business. It allowed me to take a look back and truly see how far we’ve come. Cody said it perfectly; there is no wrong way in this industry, it is a process, but it is always rewarding. 

Thank you for reading. I only touched on a few of the topics Cody and I addressed during our discussion. I invite you to listen to the full episode to hear more about his unique journey. 

Continued success,


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