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Episode 141: Coming Full Circle

Cambridge’s CEO, Amy Webber with Guest Kevin Komar of ko-advisors

Life has come full circle for Kevin Komar. 

Kevin went from helping his father operate the Komar family tax practice in high school, to working alongside his dad to lead ko-advisors, an independent firm in Ohio that specializes in tax and financial planning. Kevin now has three young children, all of whom can be found hanging around the ko-advisor offices in Cleveland. 

“I want all of them to come work with me someday,” Kevin said with a smile. “I want to let them experience as many other things as possible, but they’ll always know that dad is always going to have a job for them.”

As partner and CFP® at ko-advisors, Kevin shared many interesting details about his journey as a guest on Episode 141 of my Cambridge Stronger podcast. I enjoyed hearing Kevin describe the impact family has had on his life and practice. The Komar family is very involved in our industry — as mentioned earlier, Kevin works with his father, William Komar, at ko-advisors. He also has a sister who works at a financial services firm. 

The three Komars previously worked together at a different broker-dealer before Kevin and William decided to build their own firm in the independent space. William initially started his own business in 1975, helping individuals and businesses with tax preparation. Over time, as clients required additional services, he expanded his practice to include financial planning. 

Along with their team, Kevin and William work together to help clients in both areas.

“My dad has been instrumental in shaping my career,” Kevin said. “My entire family was so important in me getting off to a good start in this business and helping me get to where I am today.”

We later shifted the conversation to the hot-button topic of technology. At 38 years old, Kevin is one of our younger financial professionals, and has a unique perspective on technological developments occurring daily in our industry. Specifically, he discussed how his firm uses new technology to serve clients and enhance office efficiency. Kevin is a member of the Cambridge New Century Council and has contributed and used many ideas from the council in recent years. 

“I’ve always been an early adopter of technology and there are so many ways to get better and leverage technology,” Kevin said. “If I can give input on something that I have knowledge about, then I want to be a part of that.”

As I do with many of my guests, I asked Kevin to provide our listeners with his best personal and professional advice. To me, you can never get too many perspectives on life. Everyone has something to offer, and I thought Kevin provided some beneficial advice. 

“From a personal advice standpoint, pay yourself first,” Kevin said. “The hardest part is just getting started. Once you get set up and start paying yourself first regularly, good things begin to happen.”

As for his professional advice, Kevin stressed the importance of always having a process and sticking to it. 

“When you can work with a client that is experiencing the hardest financial decision of their life and assure them that you’ve been there and done that and keep them calm, that’s huge,” Kevin said. “It gives the client confidence when you’re able to show them your process and give them specific details on how you can help them. That all comes from preparation.” 

I couldn’t agree more. I have processes for every area of my life. Well-constructed processes provide organization, clarity, and efficiency. In our profession, every client is different and there is no one-stop solution. But having defined processes helps us prepare for different scenarios we may encounter. 

Thank you for reading my thoughts on this interview with Kevin. We’re thankful to work with good people like Kevin and William. I invite you to listen to the full podcast episode to hear more about Kevin’s firm, hobbies, and how his kids are the shining light of his life. 

Continued success,



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Testimonial statements and personal experience stories may not be representative of the experience of others and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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