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Episode 133: Finding Strong Mentors

Cambridge’s CEO, Amy Webber with Guest Christina Lindsey Orta of Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management

While being an independent business owner and financial professional requires dedication and often long hours, flexibility in scheduling can be an upside, especially for working parents. I’ve often said that one of my favorite features of the financial services industry is the unique scheduling flexibility that comes with a career in this field. 

This topic was addressed in my recent Cambridge Stronger podcast interview with Christina Lindsey Orta, who takes multi-tasking to a new level. In addition to serving as the CEO and President of Lindsey & Lindsey Wealth Management, where she is a 50% partner, Christina prioritizes her role as a wife and mother to two wonderful daughters. 

I asked Christina to share her insights on balancing career and family. 

“This is a great business to be in for a mom,” Christina said on Episode 133 of my podcast series. “It’s not easy to get started, but it is a phenomenal career for moms once you get established. It gives me the flexibility in scheduling so I can be with my kids when I need to be with them.”

As a mother of two myself, I share Christina’s thoughts. I can still remember taking my kids to school and attending their activities as they were growing up. That was always a priority for me. 

When she’s not with her daughters Peyton and Paige, Christina is doing her part to build a growing firm at Lindsey & Lindsey in Southern California. Christina joined the firm in 2014 after 10 years in the corporate financial world. 

As Christina shared, she became involved in financial services at a very early age. She began working for her father part time in high school while he was a branch manager at Edward Jones. She continued working there while completing her degree at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, serving as a branch office associate and fulfilling different roles on the equity and trading desks. Christina’s father, John Lindsey, later started his own independent business in 2012. Christina joined in 2014 and her sister, who is also a CFP™, joined four years later. 

Like many women in our industry, Christina found herself in the gender minority at many stops throughout her career. She specifically recalls being one of three women in a business finance class that enrolled over 30 total students. 

“I didn’t think of myself any differently being a female in a male’s world,” Christina said. “If anything, it made me work harder. Nothing was handed to us. In the end, it has worked out well for me.”

As our discussion continued, Christina shared how the firm has evolved over time. 

Lindsey & Lindsey now has a total of four CFP™s at its Southern California office. The additional firepower, so to speak, has allowed the firm to form more of an ensemble approach. 

“It’s helpful to our clients when they know there are many competent people here that are familiar with their individual situation,” Christina said. “It’s still very new to us, but we are starting to have at least one or two other people sit in with the client on their initial consultation.”

The ensemble business model can work well in many situations. We are seeing a trend, especially among the younger financial professionals who like working in teams. A team approach can offer practice benefits and growth opportunities, while providing additional resources for clients.

Prior to signing off, I asked Christina to share a piece of advice that has propelled her career. 

“Find good mentors,” Christina said. “I have had excellent mentors in my life. Finding somebody you can bounce ideas off and having a network is critical.”

That’s well said. I have had many important mentors in my life, including Cambridge Founder Eric Schwartz. Eric encouraged me to cut my Diet Coke and Cheeto habit when I first started my career at Cambridge over 20 years ago, as he recognized I was working too much and not taking care of myself! He has yet to steer me wrong, although it took a phased approach to give up my up Cheetos and develop a healthier lifestyle. Cambridge is a family of families, and we all have to remind ourselves at times what is most important at the end of the day.  

Thank you for reading. We are inspired by what we have learned from Christina and all of our financial professionals. I encourage you to listen to the full podcast episode to hear more about Christina’s journey.  

Continued success,


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Testimonial statements and personal experience stories may not be representative of the experience of others and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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