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Episode 128: Embark, Explore, Discover

Cambridge’s CEO, Amy Webber with Guest Sean Williams of Sojourn Wealth Advisory


Embark, Explore, Discover.

These are the three pillars listed on the website of one of my recent Cambridge Stronger podcast guests, Sean Williams of Sojourn Wealth Advisory in Timonium, Maryland. 

I look forward to talking with all of my podcast guests, but I really wanted to tap into Sean’s insights as he is one of the younger financial professionals we serve here at Cambridge. I was very interested to hear more about his approach and mindset. 

I wasn’t disappointed. 

“I started the licensing process in 2005, and there was a very singular view about what a financial professional looked like,” said Sean, who joined me for Episode 128 of my Cambridge Stronger podcast. “Historically, our industry has been very retirement focused and that is a great goal and a worthy item to plan for, but it's not everything.”

As Sean hints at, his firm has taken a bit of a unique angle. 

Sojourn is primarily family-focused, helping clients and their families in the areas of financial planning, investment advice and management, education savings, survivorship needs, income planning, employee benefits, estate planning, and wealth transfer. The mission is to help families better manage their resources for the opportunities ahead.

“Many people can make individual decisions when it comes to employee retirement benefits, insurance, and some other areas, but they don’t necessarily know how those decisions will impact the entire family,” Sean said. “We focus on giving clients that clarity. That's something I saw missing with other business models that I wanted to offer my clients.”

As our conversation developed, I transitioned to a subject that means a lot to me — the New Century Council at Cambridge. The New Century Council was created with the purpose of identifying ways Cambridge can effectively attract and serve next generation financial professionals and clients. 

Sean is a valued member of the council, and his firm has an active approach to serving next generation investors. I was interested to hear more about his experience with the council. 

“Our focus with the New Century Council is to anticipate what our industry could look like in the next 7 to 10 years and discover ways to better serve clients in the future,” Sean explained. “We’ve looked at cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and a number of other things. I’ve also had the chance to participate in beta tests. It's been a wonderful thing to participate in.”

I’m very happy to hear that Sean has found his work with the council rewarding. 

Since its creation, our New Century Council has been instrumental in helping Cambridge develop its social networking policies, mobile strategy, and further initiatives – including eSignature, Cambridge Source, The Next Step® internship program, and enhancements to CLIC®, our digital workstation for independent financial professionals. The efforts of our New Century Council have been extremely valuable in helping us identify and address what financial professionals need to grow their businesses, and attract and serve next gen investors.  

Frequent listeners may know that I like to ask my guests about their hobbies. We’re all very busy in this industry, but taking time to recharge by doing things that are meaningful to us personally is important and sometimes underrated. 

With that in mind, I ask Sean to share some of his favorite hobbies.

“I am pretty involved with our church and volunteering at our kids’ school,” Sean said. “I also do a lot of hiking and reading. I like to read thought-provoking things. I really enjoy reading biographies about different individuals and what made them unique.”

Thank you for reading! We’re very fortunate to work with good people like Sean and all of our amazing financial professionals. I invite you to listen to the full podcast episode to hear more about Sean and his business.  

Continued success,


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Testimonial statements and personal experience stories may not be representative of the experience of others and is no guarantee of future performance or success.

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